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Connect with humans or be abducted by aliens

Though time management has been a focus for the past few posts on the AlienSpaceShip_300px Life-Work Balance page here at www.iowabiz.com, I’d like to segue into a study and discussion about the importance of relationships and human connections.

We all have a need to connect with people in our personal and professional roles. It is core to the human race -- and what separates mankind from alien.

There are several reasons most of us earthlings fall short in connecting with others:

  1. Lack of time. Connecting takes time! We don’t have “beam me up, Scotty” kinds of technology to get us from A to B... yet.
  2. Selectiveness and Authenticity. With whom should we be connecting, and how do we maintain authenticity? “Take me to your leader!” isn’t the most effective approach for human connections.
  3. Methods to expand networks. The extraterrestrial method is greedy and seeks to steal natural resources. The human method is the go-giver kind.
  4. Online overwhelm. With no social media strategy or discipline in place, one can be captured by the online alien space ship, never to return to planet earth.
  5. Contact management tools and habits. There are so many gadgets to organize our contacts! And plenty of advice to increase the habits necessary for keeping relationships healthy.

This blog series will explore these challenges from three different perspectives:

  • the large corporation
  • the small business and entrepreneur
  • the individual

In what ways do you struggle to grow and maintain relationships, given your limited time? I’m counting on you to share your challenges and contribute online and offline resources for this discussion and continuing blog series. Then, together we can live long and prosper!

-Jocelyn Wallace

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These are great points, Jocelyn. In mine and most businesses, the more folks you know and connect with, the better it is for your biz.

LinkedIn & Facebook are super easy ways to start having more "human" connection. They allow an easy transition to asking someone if you can buy them a beverage and get to know each other better for potential mutual benefit or networking. Especially with LinkedIn, as the point of being on there is connecting for biz.

Also, getting involved in organizations you're interested in is a great way build relationships doing something you like. Whether it's charity, chamber of commerace, golf league or club or basket-weaving you'll meet people with similar interests which makes it easy.

I find it tough to keep up with "checking in" (call/email) with people/prospects/centers of influence periodically. But, some sort of calender on your computer (outlook, iCal) or CRM (Salesforce, etc..) allows you to schedule them with alarms or alerts so you can stay on track.

Brian, great comment and contribution to the discussion! I look forward to writing more about success stories and challenges of building relationships with limited time.

Readers, Brian Thompson is a partner and wealth manager at Actis Wealth Management. Learn more at

For everyone out there, what might be a few specific things that challenge you most about developing connections while still balancing time constraints? Brian got the conversation started... what else?

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