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The Changing Job Market

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While asking around on hot young professional topics to blog about, as you can imagine, the word “jobs” came up several times. As overwhelming of a topic that it is to blog about, I’ve decided to tackle it in a three-part series. Hopefully, in reading this, you can learn as much as I did researching and drafting it.

Things aren’t what they used to be. The recession is going to have permanent effects and younger generations are demanding a cultural change.

First let’s explore a couple of facts for our three-part series…

1) Entrepreneurialism is at an all-time high, especially in the YP community.
2) Corporations are contracting out more and more work/projects.
3) Younger generations demand a more casual and flexible work-life balance.

Part I: “Why Now is a Great Time to be a Young Entrepreneur

The 2007-2009 recession naturally spurred a jump in entrepreneurialism. However, it’s not going away. More and more success is being had by start-up companies. Beyond that, today’s young professionals have a strong case of independence. No, it’s not a disease! But it is a desire they have to do their own thing.

With that comes more of a demand for work-life balance and an ability to drive your own schedule. There is a lot less desire in the younger generations to find that 8-5 desk job. Many of today’s entrepreneurs consider their local coffee shop or a co-working space to be their office. It’s not a barrier to entry anymore, and it’s where young professionals want to be.

Social networking has enhanced the tools available to YPs looking to make it on their own. There is more of a focus on personal branding than ever before. With personal branding comes the need to determine what identity you would like to take on. Find me a young professional working through the corporate grind that considers their 8-5 jobs as part of their identities. If you can find one, I’ll show you 1,000 that don’t.

As a young professional, now is the time you can afford to take the risk and make it happen on your own. With a good business plan in place, there are more and more grants becoming available at both private and state level for entrepreneurs.

We all want to have a job we can truly love. What better way than to make it happen on your own?

Next week: Part II – “6 Ways the Recession Has Changed Hiring Practices”

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Jason,You are exactly right. In this ever competitive workforce, it's a must to artfully sculpt your personal brand your future success. Why not start now? Great read.

John Doessel
Tips on how to Develop, Leverage, and Advertise your Personal Brand: www.BrandingDose.com

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