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The Lazy Chef Salad - So Who Gets To Be Lazy?

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There are two restaurants in Ankeny - where I live - that I like to go to. As part of trying to live a more healthfully, I tend to eat a lot of salads.  In one restaurant, the salad is served with all of the various ingredients finely chopped.  I can put on my dressing and start to eat.  In other words, I get to be lazy.  I do not have to work too hard for my dinner. 

At the other restaurant, the chef is lazy and I have to work for my dinner. The same basic ingredients are in both salads. The different is that at the second restaurant the ingredients consist of large wedges of tomatoes, huge rings of green pepper, large circles of onion and very large pieces of lettuce. You get the picture. 

So who gets to be lazy, the chef or me? Since I am paying for each of the salads, I assume that I would get to be the lazy one.

In your business, you do many things to keep the amount of time spent to a minimum. This is completely understandable with the financial pressure all businesses are under. Make sure that your time efficiency efforts are not viewed by your customers as laziness on your part. Customers want to be served. Be aware of being perceived as the lazy chef. All else equal, I am going to the restaurant where I can be lazy. Let the chef do the work!

Mike Colwell

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