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Bumper tag and business: how to not get customers

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I was getting on the interstate the other day.  The intersection I was at had a dual left turn lane and a two-lane on-ramp. I am in the left lane with some cars behind me. Suddenly, a very large four wheel drive truck (when did Ford start making the F13500?) pulls up in the right lane. The truck is about 8 feet off the ground so all I can see is the sign on the door.  "X----------X Home Remodeling" the sign says and below that is a tagline about care and trust.  

So the light turns green and I begin to turn left.  The large four wheel drive truck accelerates and starts to turn as well. The next thing I know, he has "merged" into the left lane, cutting me off and making me hit the brakes hard. The car behind me barely got stopped before hitting me.  Needless to say I was not thinking kind thoughts about the driver of the truck. 

So let me ask you, do you think I will be calling "X-----------X Home Remodeling" any time soon? Do you think I am buying his tag line about care and trust?  

We hear people talking about being careful about what you say on Facebook and Twitter.  When you are in business, you need to be careful about all impressions you leave - your own front yard appearance, your personal hygiene, your appropriateness of dress and how you drive.

Who you are is judged by others based on your actions and appearances. Especially when you name is on a sign on your truck!

Mike Colwell


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Mike, what a bummer! I'm sure the guy who hit you is not amused either. Can you team up with that guy and report the guy to the police? You should have named the company! Glad you are ok.

I suppose the most important thing is that you are OK.

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