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Hiring about to get hard again

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For many, the economy has started to turn around. Sales are growing and businesses are starting to hire again. What many may not have considered is how difficult it will be to hire the people you need now and in the future. While there are many people looking for a job today, that is changing.

  • The demographic change, the aging workforce, is going to reduce the number of available employees.
  • Our world is becoming much more diverse. Is your employment base?
  • Many people are looking for much more than just a paycheck. What are you offering to entice the people you need?
  • Can you leverage the talents of those with a disability? They can be great employees.

Here are some questions you should be considering in starting or growing your business:

  1. Are you sure you can hire the talent you need at the time you need them?  
  2. Are you open to building a diverse workforce? 
  3. Are you building a culture that others want to be part of?
  4. How will you recognize great work when you see it?

Finding and keeping great talent has always been hard and is going to get harder. Make sure your plans include the time and cost of finding the right people. Also, make sure that you cast your net wide to include those you might not have considered in the past. There is a big, diverse world out there, both in customers and in employees. 

Mike Colwell

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