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Work Sacrifice

61850581_b9c091bf7c_tAre the sacrifices that your employees make forced upon them or given freely? If these sacrifices are driven by fear of job loss, intimidation, avoidance of home life, looking like a martyr, or an absolute requirement, then the value of these sacrifices are drastically diminished.

The best-in-class businesses know that leaders, employees and families all sacrifice something to be the best. The reasoning behind the sacrifice is what truly defines the intent and value of the sacrifice. Here are some examples:

  • Working long hours = avoiding a destructive relationship elsewhere
  • Working long hours = facade of being a good employee
  • Tolerating verbal abuse = fear of job loss
  • Knowing it is wrong and saying nothing = apathy or fear of job loss
  • Volunteering for every project = avoidance of real job responsibilities
  • Volunteering for every project = justification for poor performance

Sacrifices that are given freely with no strings attached is where true value is created within organizations. Sacrifices that are cherished are tied to deep beliefs, strong values and a better life. 

What is the true reason your employees make the sacrifices they do?  To understand this question you need to know the answer for yourself - do you know? 

- Victor Aspengren

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