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No introduction necessary?

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Marketers, meet social platforms. They have only begun to scratch the surface of their marketing and communication capabilities and are looking forward to working with you. They are open to your creative mind and ideas.

Social platforms, meet the creative and outside of the screen-thinking marketers. They are excited to tap into the potential usage of your digital tools.

The introductions have been made, so what is missing? There is a broken link. Both are looking to the other for the answer. Social platforms are becoming more marketing savvy and intuitive by the day - Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Get Glue. There is still a role, though, for successful execution and taking the potential of the entire digital menu of capabilities to the next level.

If there was still a question as to who will fix the link, it is up to marketing.

A few marketers for major brands have already paved the way as pioneers. Now is not the time for wait-and-see or the time to simply duplicate what others have done. Technology changes too quickly to duplicate what others have done. Consumers lose interest in repeating the same tasks just as quickly as the technology changes.

This is a call to all of the brilliant and creative thinkers I have encountered in the world of marketing and public relations over the years - the stage is yours.

By the way Web developer and graphic designer, my apologies your e-invitations may have gotten stuck in your spam filters...


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