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3 Ways to Find Focus

I like to meet busy people and ask them how they do it all. So I spoke with Alexander Grgurich, director of Foundry Coworking.

Interesting fellow and wise beyond his years.

I asked Alexander: When you know you’ve taken on too much, how do you decide what to de-commit?

This challenge comes up often when I’m coaching business owners who want more balance in their work and life. So I was excited to hear Alexander’s perspective.

And you know I love all things visual, so I created this visual infographic that summarizes the conversation along with my thoughts and these three tips.


3 Ways to Find Focus When You Are Overcommitted:

  1. Know your strengths. This one can be tricky, because most strengths are developed over time. They don’t start out as strengths, do they? We are not born with bulging biceps -- they are the product of hard work and taking on new challenges.
  2. Know your passion. There is a fire inside you, a burning desire to persevere and keep going. As we move down the infographic, notice we have fewer blue arrows. This means that if an activity is not both a strength and your passion, it might be something to de-commit.
  3. Focus on what brings the most impact. Perhaps it’s the most impact for your business, clients, family, friends, community... or an impact you could make on the world. If you are doing something that is your strength and your passion, but it has little impact -- the activity probably has a short lifespan.

When your strengths and passion intersect with impact, the decision on where to focus your time becomes clearer. Have you found this to be true? Did the infographic help you think in a way you hadn’t before? Leave me a comment, I’d love to hear about it!

~ Jocelyn Wallace

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These are definitely 3 strong and critical aspects to identify when making life and/or work direction decisions. For me, identifying my passions start me in the right direction to use my strengths to make the most impact.

Brian, great comment. So, starting with your passions and then narrowing down to see which of them also indicate areas of strength... I can see how this could be beneficial too. I tend to be good at many things, but it doesn't mean I am excited or passionate about doing all of them. So if I'm not jazzed about it, I've learned that maybe I should think twice about pursuing it.

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