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The Power of Goals

4118678082_9888e11e22_tIt has been proved over and over again that putting goals in writing increases the chances of success. It is a HUGE first step, but it is not the magic bullet to success. There are several key drivers that many organizations fail to implement that increase the chances of reaching the goals that have been written.  Organizations that utilize and practice these drivers increase their goal realization significantly. 

They are as follows:

1.  Involvement in setting the goals

2.  Commitment to peers to achieve the goals

3.  Regular progress reports

4.  Emotional attachment to the goals

When people are involved in the creation of the goals, they have a deeper understanding of the why and how of the goals. It reduces the noise that is typical of top-down goal-setting and moves the organization to action much quicker. 

Commitment to goals done in front of peers can be uncomfortable, but it raises the stakes of meeting the goals. No one likes to let down their team.

Out of sight, out of mind. Without regular reporting and updates, organizations will never achieve a rhythmic cadence for people to follow. Repetition leads to a change in habits.

If goal setting is done in a sterile, here-we-go-again manner, do not be surprised that the organization looks like a zombie movie. The human nature is driven by emotion and far too many organizations forget this fundamental fact.   

Finally, if the organization's leaders do not buy into these drivers, then do not expect improved organizational performance.  Simply put - walk the talk.

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