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The Blind Organization

2659454214_2ca2671b20_tThe failure of companies to provide a vision for the organization leads to employees that feel blind. They go through the motions with half-hearted efforts that lead to apathy and poor results. If the company does not know where it is headed, then how can any organization expect the employees to know where they are going.

In many cases, this vision comes from the top leader or leadership group. The vision statement is announced and everyone is expected to buy into the vision that has been handed to them. It may sound good, but it typically means very little to the employees.

A better method for creating vision is getting input from all employees and providing a process that is not controlled or manipulated by the leaders of the company. Leaders need to be involved, but giving up control of the process is key. If the employees of the company are the true creators of the vision, then the chances of the vision actually meaning something increase dramatically. 

As humans, we want to be a part of something bigger - something that has meaning and adds value to our lives and those around us. Understanding how we fit into the bigger picture of life and organizations gives meaning to what we do.

Creating a vision that has meaning is a great way to open the eyes of all employees to the true potential of the organization and how they can help make it happen.

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