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Five powers of clear purpose

Have you ever noticed how much positive power there is when we are clear on our purpose?
Superhero-by JocelynWallace
This seems to be the secret sauce for any super hero, ninja, jedi -- and successful business person or organization.
There are several patterns I see when clarity is present, and I see them not only in the superheros on TV and in movies, but also in the people around me. Here is a short list...
5 Powers of Clear Purpose in Your Life and Work

1) You say 'yes' to the things that align with your purpose, and 'no' to anything that weakens it, as my friend Mitch Matthews would say.
Jedi-by JocelynWallace
2) When you fail, you dust yourself off and get up quickly. You learn to fail faster and succeed faster, as my friend Adam Carroll would say.
3) You do not blame situations or other people when disappointments pop up. You shut your pie hole and get on the treadmill, as my friend Chad Carden would say.
4) You grow your mind, set out to be of service to others, and lead creatively, as my friend Mike Wagner would say.
Ninja by JocelynWallace 5) Relationships rule. Period. People will want to work with you if they know you, like you and trust you, as my friend Bob Burg would say.
Unfortunately, the reverse is true as well. When we are not clear, it causes profound setbacks financially, mentally, spiritually, relationally, and even physically. Lack of clarity makes us vulnerable, especially when life knocks us down or demands an important decision.
The good news? Getting clear about your purpose is within reach. As a business coach, my favorite gift to help others find clarity is to start with a book called, "Ignite! A Little Book to Spark Your Big Dreams." IGNITE cover graphic_250px
Mitch Matthews and I co-authored this project, and because we had clarity, we experienced these five powers of purpose. Now we have the joy of watching the book help other people get clear on their big dreams, so they can experience the power of purpose too.

What patterns or consistencies do you notice about people who have a clear purpose? What do they seem to have in common, and what can we learn from clear-purposed people in life and work?

--Jocelyn Wallace

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