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Just Believe

Frank Lloyd Wright said, "The thing always happens that you really believe in, the belief in a thing makes it happen." And we know how that turned out for Mr. Wright!

It only takes one idea to change your world. One idea and a trait that all visionary leaders share. Intelligence? A position of power? Charisma? Money? A brilliant plan? We know better, don't we?

The one common component? Belief.

Walt Disney had 84 banks turn down his financing request to create the animated film that introduced the world to Mickey Mouse before bank #85 said yes. Thomas Edison and his buddies tested 10,000 different materials before they discovered one suitable for the filament in electric light bulbs. They just would not give up. They believed.

Now, as a leader you may not have your sights set on inventing a world icon or radically changing the daily life of millions of people. But you are a leader, right? You do have a vision. Are you ready to do whatever it takes to bring that vision to life? Do you believe?

  • What idea do you believe in with such certainty that you know you simply could not walk away from it?
  • What's getting in the way of you making that vision a reality?
  • How could you remove that obstacle?
  • What other obstacles can you anticipate and prepare for in advance?
  • Who could help you?
  • Who would share your vision and belief?

And now the most important question: What are you waiting for?

Start today. Don't give up until it's done. Believe.

- Shirley Poertner


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