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Three tips to clarify your vision

Business owners. Leaders. Entrepreneurs. Intrapreneurs. Domestic Executives. Gas-guzzling SUVs. We all have something in common. Drain Gain by jocelynwallace

We are a bit drained these days!

I consult for companies who drive in the fast lane of marketplace change. As they adapt and innovate, business leaders want to clearly communicate their vision, both internally to their teams and externally through sales and marketing channels.

But if a business owner assumes everyone sees what she sees, she is driving an “SUV gas guzzler” -- burning a lot of resources and moving the needle from full to empty quickly.

To avoid this, I help management teams clarify and communicate their vision through the use of visual strategies. Interestingly, the same basic principles and processes work for clarifying and communicating a vision for life too.

3 Tips for Clarifying Your Vision for Work and Life

  1. Discover or Redefine Your Core Values. I created a VISUAL HOMEWORK tool to help with this, so click here for the tool and instructional guide.
  2. Get your vision down on paper. Most people have a vision in their heads of who they are, what they want to do and where they want to go. Move it from your head and get it down on paper.
  3. Draw the vision. If you want more people to be on the same page, you’ve got to make it visual. If you are like most, you think you can’t draw. No worries! Use stick people, circles, squares, arrows and clouds. It makes a difference!

When we have a clear vision we get focused (internally). When we make it visual, it becomes the anchor for communicating it clearly (externally). And that, my friend, moves the needle from drain to gain!

Give it a try. And then tell me how you did in the comments. Did it help to clarify your vision?

-- Jocelyn Wallace

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