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A better Des Moines through 2050

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You’ve probably heard this word bouncing around the Central Iowa region recently. I question how many of us actually know what it means.

Sustainability: “The quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources, and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance.”

In other words it is about being responsible in order to make a better future for Des Moines and the Central Iowa region. At first, I’ll admit the subject seemed a little dry to me. But I’d be willing to bet it seems that way for a lot of young professionals.

On Tuesday, the Des Moines Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) will publicly launch The Tomorrow Plan with an event at the State Historical Building. In short, it’s about “Planning for a Greener Greater Des Moines.” Makes sense, right?

After taking a step back and educating myself on what this is really about, it’s a topic that should be anything but dry to young professionals. The Tomorrow Plan is trying to provide for a better Des Moines through the year 2050! (Read a Business Record Story)

2050? Even I’ll be past my prime by then! All the more reason sustainability should be something young professionals not only take an interest in, but an active role in.

I’m not an expert on sustainability by any means, but I’m in the process of learning what goes into it… Everything! Whether it be transportation, environment, construction, etc.; it all goes hand in hand. You need to factor in all the different components just to make a simple improvement to one.

Everything about Des Moines points towards a city that is poised for growth and success. Whether you are looking for a great city for young professionals, a place to raise a family or quality of life, you notice Des Moines is at the top of all these lists.

In order to keep Des Moines ahead of the curve, studies of the regions projected growth and existing conditions will help MPO leaders put together a plan and the necessary framework to allow for a bright future. As a young professional building a future in Des Moines, now is the chance to take part in what that future looks like.

The Tomorrow Plan kick-off event in Des Moines is planned to be interactive. Not just a chance to listen, but a chance to take action. Come check it out from 4 to 8 p.m. at the State Historical Building. (Click for details)

Part of planning for success is never being satisfied!

- Jason Wells

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