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Want to be an expert in your field... write like one!

104393124Especially in today's information age, we value professionals who have achieved a high level of expertise and knowledge in their chosen field.  

Sometimes, when you don't know how to assess someone's skill level (i.e. I don't get cars, so I have no way of recognizing a good car mechanic) you look for clues.

One of the most tried and true clues is -- if they've written a book on a particular subject, odds are pretty good that they're an expert.  It's human nature to give those people their proper due and assume that they really are at the top of their game.

Several well known Central Iowans have penned excellent business books.  You should check them out:

The Personal Side of Leadership by Marty Baddeloo, CPA (click to buy the book)

Marty uses his decades of work experiences as a leader and now a coach to teach his readers about the Triangle of Leadership and your role in making all three sides stronger! The book is full of stories, lessons and points to ponder.

Ignite! by Mitch Matthews with visuals by Jocelyn Wallace (click to buy the book)

Part storybook, part workbook and full on inspiration -- Mitch reminds us how to uncover and clear the cobwebs off our dreams and ignite our passion for chasing them.  Jocelyn's beautiful art direction and photography are eye candy that teach and fan the flames.

Winning the Money Game by Adam Carroll (click to buy the book)

Adam's passion is to teach young people (college and young professionals) how to take control of their money so they can have the life they want and deserve.  This book outlines how to make that a reality.

SWAT by Timothy L. Johnson (click to buy the book)

Tim's third book deals with how systems can make all the difference on any team. Written as a business parable, this story pairs up Toby the reluctant business leader and his friend a SWAT commander.  A really fresh way to explore what could potentially be a dry topic.

And that's just scratching the surface.  Several other Central Iowans have also graced bookshelves with their smarts. (Feel free to list some in the comments section).

Not only do you get some instant cred as a published author but there are several other benefits from writing a book:

  • It becomes an instant leave behind or direct mail piece (think of it as a really thick business card!)
  • It may lead to speaking opportunities or consulting gigs
  • If it sells well, you can leverage it into a second book
  • You get to swear a smoking jacket and smoke a pipe  (okay, not every author will opt for this!)

So how about you?  What's your area of expertise? What story could you tell that would be of benefit to others?  Think it can't be done? 

Just scratch out an outline.  Take that first step.  We're ready to read what you have to say!  And believe me, it will be good for business!


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Drew - on behalf of Mitch and I - thanks for the mention! Great company on this list! I don't smoke, but I've considered taking up the habit a few times in my life! I suppose I could still get the smoking jacket and just do candy cigarettes? :)

To add to the list of books by Central Iowans, on my wish list is your book:99.3 Random Acts of Marketing http://www.amazon.com/99-3-Random-Acts-Marketing-McLellan/dp/0974687901

And your crowd-sourced series, Age of Conversation: http://www.ageofconversation.com/

Central Iowa writers, be inspired!

Jocelyn Wallace

Jocelyn --

Actually (too long a story to tell in a comment but remind me next time I see you) I've got about half a case of candy cigarettes that I would be happy to give you. Would love that photograph!!

Thanks for the mentions!


Some great resources to be explored here! I second your though about valuing professional with complete knowledge about their subject. I would just like to add something to it though. A professional should also add extensiveness to his knowledge

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