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Draw me a picture?

Trans0609largestbankruptciesThink for a minute of your favorite storybook from your childhood.  Imagine it in your head.  I'm guessing that what you saw weren't the words, but instead you saw the illustrations or pictures that went along with your favorite tale.

As human beings, we're drawn to visuals and from the time we were old enough to listen to our first stories, we've been taught to gleen meaning from them.

Combine that with the popularity of USA Today like graphics and charts and it's easy to see how infographics have become so popular. 

An infographic is a graphic visual representation of information, data or knowledge.  They can cover any topic but are often used to show relations between inidividual points of data.

Infographics can be a pretty powerful marketing tool as well.  And they're certainly not going anywhere. You can use them to define a process, show results, compare products or put context to complex ideas.

There are three key advantages to using inforgraphics in your marketing/sales efforts:

  • They increase understanding of complex issues
  • They increase recall of details, points of difference
  • They're easy to share, pass along

 Why not let your prospects (and customers) give you a boost by passing along your inforgraphic, which of course also contains your contact information?

I'd challenge you to look through your sales materials, marketing tools etc. to see if there's a natural story that could be told visually through an infographic.  

I think you'll be surprised at the potency of this marketing tool.

~ Drew


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