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Generation what???

Wait for it. Wait for it...

I can't wait any longer! This isn't a game. It's my career! It's my life!

According to the New York Times, today's young professionals are part of a new generation...

Welcome to "Generation Limbo."

Those words really caught my attention, and in a way they seem accurate. But only to an extent.

In many ways Allison Jones is right on with "What to Do While You’re Waiting It Out." Yes, the economy needs to see a period of continued growth. And yes, young professionals should look to new ideas to gain experience and knowledge in the meantime.

But you only live once and I don't want to spend my one life waiting it out.

Oh no, you're stuck in the middle of reading another "It's the economy, stupid" post...

But anyone who thinks the magical day is coming when the stock market starts to jump 100 points a day and companies start hiring millions of workers may be dreaming. In fact Generation Limbo could apply to anyone in the workforce. Even if you work for a well-established company your job is temporary. Just ask Bank of America employees.

For young professionals still defining their career, there is more and more evidence that the best way to do so is to create it on your own. Whether it be through entrepreneurship, freelance or contract work you can put your future more in your own hands by working for yourself.

More than anything, be open to new opportunities. Take the chance to get involved where you can. You never know where the road less traveled will take you. As young professionals, let's stand up to Generation Limbo and prove that it is actually code for Generation Opportunity!

P.S. Get excited for my next post in two weeks when we take a look at the new monster that is Occupy! Or is it?

- Jason Wells


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