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More than gardening books on the shelf

A company has come up with a shelving system which hangs planters on the wall to bring live plants into your office or home. The breathe wall exchanges air with the surroundings and filters the air. The plants more or less inhale bad air and exhale good air.

A nice idea since when I go into a home or office without one green Indoor plant I get this sterile creepy feeling. And while plastic plants sometimes fool you, I am talking about live plants which grow and you have to water. 

Studies show sixwise.com indoor plants can improve indoor air quality by removing 87% of air toxins in 24 hours. Recommendations are to provide 15-18 good sized (that’s 6-8 inch pots) in the average 1,800 square foot house to help with air quality.  My keen mathematical mind comes up with a plant per 100 square feet so each room should have one or two plants. That’s a lot of plants!!

One researcher recommended to a company to have every employee within 45 feet of a plant. A much lesser density than one per 100 square foot but apparently still beneficial to the morale of workers. Another facet of plants is it just makes people happy and feeling good.

Palms and ferns are one of the best plants because they are used to relative low light levels at the bottom of the rain forest so they can grow in most places.  The plants also help stabilize the humidity in spaces which is good to fight colds and keep your nasal membranes feeling good in the winter.

- Rob Smith


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