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Can you crowdsource a crowd pleaser?


 An example of crowdsourcing (see Old Spice story below)

One of the more interesting phenomenons that has come out of the social media space is a resurgence in crowdsourcing.  It's really a new tech way of brainstorming or group decision making.

Brands are using crowdsourcing in some pretty smart ways.  See if you can steal one of these models for your company.

Crowdsourcing to inspire word of mouth:  Colgate's Smile campaign was designed to get people sharing stories and pictures.  Faebook fans were invited to upload pictures of their "colgate Smile" which were then used in collages on outdoor boards across the country.

Who is not going to go looking for their picture and then show everyone they know the billboard they're on?

Crowdsourcing to influence opinion:  Dominos decided to live stream their consumer's comments on a billboard in New York City's Time Square.  They didn't sanitize or edit the comments so they were applauded for their bravery and bold efforts.

This coincided with their pizza turnaround campaign --which set out to make a tastier pizza.  People were impressed with Dominos willingness to actively seek feedback and sales increased by double digits as a result.

Crowdsourcing to get your audience emotionally invested: Old Spice decided to spice things up by introducing a new Old Spice guy -- Fabio.  People went nuts, protesting and then Old Spice invited consumers to vote between Fabio (new guy) and Isaiah (original model in the campaign).  Fabio lost by a huge margin but interestingly enough -- they're still going to make the switch.

Even more telling (and surprising) was that most of the flack against Fabio came from the men in the crowd.  Time will tell how consumers will react when Fabio nudges Isaiah aside.

So -- how could you leverage this idea of crowdsourcing to get your customers, prospects, employees or other stakeholders to play along with you to promote your product or service?

~ Drew McLellan


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Nice post. Surprised I didn't see this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NtFjwOQm_-k

You can say anything with a smile.


It's a great example and has certainly received some nice press and viral buzz! It's just so hard to resist writing a post that requires a Fabio video!

Really -- the guy just keeps re-inventing himself!


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