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Square peg, round hole

2095574414_2eb8ab0ddb_tThere are many owners, leaders, and employees that are viewed as a square peg in their organizations. The square pegs have no definitive profile other than the fact of being the square peg. The plain and simple fact is that they are just not a great fit for the organization (round hole).

There are instances where individuals know fully well that they will not fit or do not fit. These situations are typically driven by the need of the job vs. the want of the job. They can be good or bad employees, but they will never be the engaged, productive employee that organizations dream of.

The vast majority of people that are considered square pegs have been put into a position that does not fit their profile, they may not have the skills, and in many cases it is a failure of those in power to make a tough decision. The people in these situations are the victims of poor decision making by organizations, leaders, and managers.

The saddest situation is where newly hired employees are a square peg from day one, but they have no idea themselves. The lack of a rigorous hiring process, the "selling" of the organization to the employee, and the focus on skills vs. fit, create organizations full of square pegs.

Organizations need to recognize if they are guilty of practicing the square peg syndrome then they need to take immediate action to correct it.  This also applies to those individuals that know they are square peg, correct it.  Round peg, round hole - it truly does make a wonderful fit.

- Victor Aspengren

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