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The sacrifice of leadership

Leading a company of engaged employees requires sacrifice. For many leaders it is all about them, and what they will gain or what their immediate team may gain.

Article after article is written about the lack of engagement in the workforce today and the grotesque behaviors of leaders. These leaders have no concept of sacrifice and how their employees view this lack of sacrifice.

Sacrifice can and in some cases will be painful, be it physical or psychological. Enlightened leaders are prepared and step up to the sacrifices that may be required to support the organization. Here is a short list of leadership sacrifices examples:

  • First one to work, last one to leave
  • Spending the time to console an employee in need
  • Taking the pay cut in hard times
  • Filling in for a critical position when needed
  • Attending weddings and funerals
  • Admitting their mistakes
  • Laughing at themselves

Sacrifice requires leaders to be confident in themselves and the people they lead. The saying "The more you give the more you get" holds true for leaders that understand the power of sacrifice.

- Victor Aspengren


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