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Thinking of Selling Your Business?

If you are thinking of selling your business here are some guidelines, based on the actual sales for various businesses:
* Restaurants (full service): 30 to 35% of reported sales plus inventory.
* Motorcycle dealerships:  10 to 12% of annual sales plus inventory.
* Car Wash-self-service:  4 times annual reported gross sales.
* Convenience Stores with Gas: 2.5 to 3 times owner’s earnings and benefits.
* Dental Practices:  60 to 65% of annual sales.
* Fitness Centers: 70 to 100% of annual sales plus inventory.
* Manufacturing-Metal Fabrication:  6 times EBITDA.
* Pizza:  Nonfrachise 35% of annual sales plus inventory.
* Pizza:  Franchise: 45 to 55% plus inventory.
* Retail:  30 to 35% of annual sales and market value for the inventory.

These are historical averages based on reported sales.  Individual sales will naturally vary based on location, earnings, seller financing and other issues.   Feel free to contact me if you would like additional information on you business.

Steve Sink
Certified Business Intermediary
Merger and Acquisition Master Intermediary


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what about professional business like accountants, architects, engineers etc?

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