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I suggest you wobble

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David Allen, the guru of organizational skills, says "you have to do something to know something."

If you wait to know something before you do something, likely neither will happen. The development of real knowledge requires intentional activity. As you faithfully move -- your body, your thinking, your spirit... things unfold that would be inaccessible in any other way.

An old proverb reads, "When you stand, stand. When you sit, sit. But most of all, don't wobble."

I say, "wobble!"

The learning is in the wobbles. As kids, we learned to walk and ride a bike through a long process of trial and error. Our enthusiasm and others' encouragement gave us the persistence to stay at the task until we reached our goals. But as adults, we don't like to take that long to learn something. We want to know how, now. So, we often resist taking the time to learn something new because we don't like the feeling of being out of control, looking silly or wobbling.

As a leader, what's one thing you know you need to learn or know how to do to be more effective? Get started. Take action. And when the wobbling starts... and it likely will... be patient with yourself. Focus on what you're learning and not on how you're looking.

You didn't learn to ride a bike sitting in a seminar; you learned to ride by riding, by wobbling.

- Shirley Poertner

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