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Integration is where it's at

MarketingRoundWe all know people who seem to have split personalities. They behave one way at work, one way on Friday nights and another way on Sunday mornings. I find it's difficult to trust people who don't live one, integrated life.

I think we react the same way to brands and companies. Part of what creates a sense of trust for us as consumers is consistent, integrated behavior.

That's one of the reasons we've always advocated for an integrated marketing approach. Your traditional marketing tactics should look and feel like they're coming from the same place as your Facebook page, which should match the way you answer your phones which should align with how you handle customer complaints and random tweets.  

It all needs to be seamless, work together and give me a sense of the holistic organization.

That's why I'm recommending people check out a book that is just hitting the shelves called Marketing in the Round by Goeff Livingston and Gina Dietrich. (click here to buy*)

This book is a must-read for every senior marketing, communications, and PR decision-maker.

It's not about social media. Or new (or old) media. It's media agnostic. No matter what media you use (and you should use several) it's about weaving them together so they are all stronger.

When you integrate all of your efforts (beyond marketing by the way) you get:

  • Meaningful metrics and data
  • Messaging that connects and moves customers and prospects to action
  • Consistency that builds trust and trial
  • Removal of clutter and unnecessary noise

This book is like a playbook. The authors get down to the details and show you how to make it happen. They cover strategy, tactics, research and metrics, and a wide array of media options. 

Read it with a pen and paper at your side so you can jot notes and ideas as you go. You'll be glad you did!


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