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We the owners

The Great Recession has caused many of us to evaluate the way we do business. It shook the foundation of our country and changed lives in a significant way.

But did we learn anything during this crisis?

The Foundation for Enterprise Development and Passage Productions has put together a film that talks about a different model for business - employee ownership. The film profiles several successful employee-owned companies, and has commentary from experts within the employee ownership field - ESOPs, cooperatives, and other types of equity sharing with employees.

The film will be released this coming summer. The trailer can be viewed at http://www.wetheowners.com/the-film.html.

The trailer gives a taste of something truly special in the business world. When people talk of hope, future, trust, and responsibility with passion - then something amazing can happen.

Watch the trailer and feel the change that comes over you. This may be the spark that creates a movement for employee ownership and a better business model in the USA.

-Victor Aspengren




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