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Without vision, the people perish

Many companies wish they could predict the future, but they have no idea how to go about it. The future can become reality if there is vision.

Painting a picture of the future through a statement of vision is critical to organizational success. The vision is driven and championed by the top leader of the organization.  It is the leader's responsibility to make the vision statement a living language within the organization.

Human nature has shown throughout history the power of vision and what can be accomplished - Alexander the Great, Crazy Horse, Abraham Lincoln, JFK, Winston Churchill, etc...  These leaders fueled a vision that captured the minds and spirits of their people.  It is no different in organizations.   

Individuals are no different than organizations when it comes to vision.  Successful people have a vision for their future.  The challenge for organizations is to create a vision that allows personal visions to be accomplished at the same time.

The old proverb "Without vision, the people will perish" has been supported throughout history.  Create an organization where people thrive and do not perish - create a vision!

-Victor Aspengren


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