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Toilets are a funny thing

It was 1991 when Kevin Nealon and Victoria Jackson debuted the “Love Toilet” on Saturday Night Live. I laughed and was amused at the riduculousness of such an idea. Funny how comedy can be a precursor to the future. 

Twenty years later Caroma from Australia makes a toilet with a sink on top of the tank. The simple idea uses waste water while washing your hands to help fill the tank for the next flush. After flushing, the toilet directs cold water to the faucet to wash yours hands. No faucet to mess with!

The toilet also features a dual flush system. Notice the buttons on either side of the faucet for “number one” or “number two”. The great thing about the toilet compared to other low flow toilets is a larger outlet that is touted to have less blockages than other toilets.

So this is a great idea to recycle water right at the fixture, but I laugh when I think of people using it sort of like the “Love Toilet”. I can visualize straddling the toilet after use to wash my hands and feeling yucky. What if I am not done washing my hands when the water goes off? Do I flush again? On the other hand it does limit my water use like those automatic faucets at the airport.

Or how about your three year old standing on the lid because they cannot yet reach the sink?  Let me know if this new sustainable design toilet works for you or if you think of Kevin and Victoria.

~Rob Smith, AIA, LEED AP rsmith@smithmetzger.com


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