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Plug Load = Bad!

Homes are using less and less electricity for conventional purposes such as heating, cooling, and water heating due to better insulation and appliance efficiencies. However, the plug load is increasing greatly; those TV’s, DVR’s, chargers, and small transformers or anything with the little green light. Some estimates say vampire power accounts for 40% of home power.

If 40% seems like a lot, think of those nice spring days when most of the lights are off and the furnace is not running. All those devices are still sucking electricity. You just cannot see it! 

to the rescue. The device plugs into any outlet and controls whatever you plug into the modlet. The great thing about the device is, through a local WIFI, information is sent to your computer where you can monitor the electrical consumption at any modlet. You can even program each device to cut off the flow of electricity to your energy-stealing appliances. Chances are you won’t be turning your TV on at 3 a.m., so why not cut the power from 11 p.m. to 8 a.m.?

At $55, each you may think the cost sounds pretty crazy. I did some analysis on what it could do for my house. My 2,700 square foot house used 8,400 kilowatt hours of electricity per year, costing $850. If we are average, then 40% of the cost ($340) was for all those things that are always using electricity.  I could buy 5 Modlets for my TV’s (3), computer and printer (1), and charger location (1) at the cost of $275.

After one year I would recoup my investment and save money from then on.


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