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Don't lose your sustainability sanity to Santa

Oh the hustle and bustle of the holidays. The month of December is when we sometimes surrender our sustainability sanity to Santa. Here’s my TOP FIVE THINGS YOU CAN DO TO BE MORE SUSTAINABLE DURING THE HOLIDAYS!!

  1. Re-gift a gift. Maybe someone on your list would love the gift you got two years ago which is just sitting on your shelf. I have a set of screw drivers I don’t need so someone else gets them.
  2. Plan your trips to the stores to reduce gasoline consumption. Better yet, shop on-line at your favorite store and have them ship it to your home.
  3. Why not wrap in your newspaper? Even if you put the wrapping paper in the recycle bin much ends up in the landfill. Too much tape, high concentration of ink, and very little fiber make it a poor paper to recycle. I am going to use the holiday promos from my Sunday paper!
  4. How about company Christmas cards?  I’ve gotten cards from some companies for 20 years and never done business with them nor have they ever contacted me. Instead, have a holiday lunch with your best clients and stop sending cards to people you are not in contact with. No one will do business with you because they got a card.
  5. Buy gifts made locally. You can pick them up at numerous church bazaars, downtown holiday market, or non-chain stores. I found some great soaps made in Iowa in the East Village.

One last idea: What if Santa stopped going to each house?  Think of the gas he would save …. but wait, he uses reindeer!  NEVER MIND.



This is the buzzword to end all.buzzwords. Should be stricken from the language. Defies definition. Only used by liberal tree huggers to obfuscate.

Rob --

What else do you have besides the screwdriver set?


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