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New years resolution 4The people and businesses of the USA produce 220 million tons of garbage per year.  That’s 82,000 football fields piled six feet high.  Closer to home would be to cover every square foot of Polk County’s 592 square miles with 15 inches of garbage. 

New Year brings New Year’s sustainable resolutions.

  1. Never, ever, ever, discard computers into the trash.  Did I say never?  They are not biodegradable but more importantly they contain mercury.  It gets into the water system and ends up in the fish we eat.  Instead contact Computers With Causes and give new life to your computer.  When our office computers do not have enough horsepower for new software, they still have enough for many other uses.
  2. Reduce your garbage to the landfill.  Our office of 11 fills a 96 gallon recycle container about each week.  We are going to monitor how many garbage bags of trash still go to the dumpster and try to cut that in half by recycling more.
  3. Reuse paper you printed. Just for fun I started to keep a pile of paper which I printed and no longer needed.  I would use the back side for notes, draft letters, my to-do lists, etc.  The paper was reused before it was recycled and I did not use new paper. Don’t be surprised if you get a note from me on the back of a cost estimate.


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