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New customers, new rules

Are you doing business the way your customers want to or the way you want to?

Change can be tough. What can be tougher, though, is losing business because you won’tIPhone change to fit your customer’s needs. Remember them? The customer, yes – well I’m sure over the years you’ve noticed they like things how they like things. What about your new customers though? New customers can equal new rules.

I decided we needed to get our home tested for radon, so I went online and found a company. I submitted my request through their website, in the comments section, and mentioned I prefer to do business via email. Two weeks went by and I didn’t hear back. Finally, they asked for my address and told me someone will be calling me to set up the rest. FAIL. I get immediately frustrated. The next week, someone did call me and as usual it went to voicemail and was lost in the land of unreturned phone calls on my phone for at least 5 weeks.

So, I went back on their website and filled out their contact form again. I explained the back-story and asked to be emailed. I heard nothing again. Finally, after 11 weeks of trying to get a simple task completed which I was told should take about 4 days total, we had our radon tested. I knew I would be writing this blog or they would have lost my business long before 11 weeks! If someone would have just taken the two minutes to E-mail me the info and set up the time they could have closed the deal two-and-a-half months ago.

It’s the digital age, yes, but it doesn’t have to be scary. Many people are very familiar with email and use it as a main preference. It is very difficult to get me to answer the phone, and I know a lot of other people like myself. Check over your processes and make sure you’re making yourself available for people to make purchases from your business the way they want to, because they are much more likely to work with you if it’s easier on them, not you. So really nothing has changed, just the tools we use for customer service are different.

A friend was trying to book a cab the other day and the only option available was the dreaded automated phone system. An immediate turn-off for customers. It says you don’t even matter enough for us to hire a human to answer your calls, questions and concerns. Call Happy Medium during any business hours and I promise a person will answer the phone. It’s something that is very important to me. Email us through our website and I promise someone will respond to your email within a few hours. Change is good and in this case, it’s not really that hard. A lot of your competitors are not doing this well with the digital age and consumerism, so the first in wins. Jump on the bus. I promise – it will only make customers happier!


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Nice reminders to pay closer attention to the human details in a marketer's follow up. So often overlooked. I try to make a point to tell those brands they blew it when this happens.

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