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Buzz/going viral does not always equal sales

One of the things I hear all the time is "wouldn't it be great if our video went viral?" To which I reply -- "maybe, maybe not."

Here's the reality of viral videos. Sometimes they absolutely drive sales. Look at what Old Spice did with the "the man your man could smell like" series. Not only did it score over 45 million views, it literally revolutionized their brand and reversed their sales decline.

But that's the exception, not the rule. Just because a video takes off on YouTube or Facebook, doesn't mean it's good for business.

Take this recent Kmart spot called "Ship my pants." The spot was created to promote free shipping from Kmart's website. But they wanted us to actually pay attention -- so they pushed the creative envelope by counting on the fact that there's a 12 year old stuck in all of us who loves sophmoric humor.

Watch and see what you think:



This video already has over 5 million views. I'm betting that's more than all the other Kmart vidoes combined. So they scored on the "going viral" part.  

But, I'm pretty confident in my guess that they will not see a spike in online sales, despite the free shipping offer and increased awareness. In fact, in some ways I think the spot will hurt their efforts. The spot is SO noticeable -- you sort of lose the message. The humor is so strong (and some would argue, so tasteless) that it eclipses the marketing message.

Using humor is always tricky (if it doesn't sell, unless you're a professional comedian, it didn't work) but using this kind of over the top humor is even more risky.

Video is a powerful marketing tool. But don't lose sight of the fact that your goal is to have the right people see it and be inspired to take the next step you want them to take. In some cases, that might mean the 20 right people seeing it.

If you or your agency are shooting for viral -- be sure that's the right target to be aiming at.

~ Drew
Top Dog at McLellan Marketing Group



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