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What would be the 'coolest' economic development investment?

Note: Kyle Oppenhuizen is a reporter for the Business Record. 

Yesterday, Gov. Branstad's office told us they would announce the "largest-ever economic development investment in Iowa." The announcement was to be made at 4 p.m., giving us about five hours worth of speculation in the newsroom.

It made us wonder: What would be the COOLEST project the governor might announce? My vote was for a pro sports team - which I knew, of course, was highly unlikely.

Turns out, the MidAmerican Energy wind energy expansion that was announced IS pretty cool. Approximately 40 percent of the company's electricity will come from wind energy by the end of 2015.

But pretend for a second you didn't know about MidAmerican's plans. If someone told you that a company was about to make the largest-ever economic development investment in the state, what would you hope for?

Let me know. Comment on this post, on the Business Record's Facebook page, or with the hashtag #IAdreamproject on Twitter.

-Kyle Oppenhuizen

Reporter, Business Record


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A philanthropic organization investing dollars to support cultural arts in every Iowa county, which might be providing a living income for artists, musicians, etc. to teach others and foster the arts in communities.

MidAmerican Energy skyscraper that becomes the tallest building in Downtown Des Moines. We haven't had a substantial change in the DSM skyline in over 15 years (last tower was EMC in 1996)!

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