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What's your rubber duck?

DuckiowabizYesterday I read an interesting article in USA Today about how boutique hotels are trying to differentiate themselves and create "an experience" for their guests. Being able to call down to the front desk for a fish or having a Bose iPod player in the room is old news.

Now, you might find themed rubber ducks in your mini bar. There's a DC hotel that even offers electronic cigarettes. And if you're ever in Denver, check out the Sky Hotel in Aspen. They offer mini oxygen tanks in case you need a little boost.

Not all of the examples in the article were whimsical. In Chicago at the Hard Rock Hotel, you can request the nursing mom package (fridge, breast pump, extra bottles, etc.) be sent to your room. Worried you'll have a wardrobe malfunction like Janet Jackson did a few years ago? No worries if you're staying at one of the Morgan Hotels. They have an emergency kit that includes double-sided tape to prevent any accidental malfunctions.

While all of these examples sound a little off the beaten path -- that's sort of the point. A little something extra to create some buzz or even to get you to choose one hotel over the other. It's a good reminder to all of us that our consumers are hungry for more and that more doesn't have to be a big deal. Sometimes something small can be a big deal.

And a big deal means that in today's wired world -- their duck or wardrobe malfunction kit will get plenty of attention on Facebook, Instagram, Vine or Twitter.

That sort of buzz can't be bought. It can only be inspired by something out of the ordinary. 

Stan Phelps wrote about this concept in his book, What's Your Purple Goldfish? How to Win Customers and Influence Word of Mouth. Stan's premise is that compannies who do something a little extra get noticed. His book is living proof -- example after example of organizations that inspire word of mouth, the best marketing you can possibly earn.

Marketing is about being so remarkable that people can't help but talk about you. That if you absolutely delight someone - they will not only come back but they'll bring friends. They become your sales force. 

So -- what do you do for your customers that would get them talking? What's your rubber duck?

~ Drew McLellan, Top Dog at McLellan Marketing Group


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