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61 Years of Life

2013-07-25 12.11.52Today I am 61 years old!!!  So as I ponder 61 years of life on this planet, I ask “Do I have anything other than my house that is 61 years old?  If not, could anything make it to 61 years?

2008 Lexus 350RX?   Definitely not.  Hopefully the oil industry and auto manufacturers will give up their grip on transportation and a major breakthrough will occur.

Pots and pans? Maybe?  Handles with bolts rather than tack welded.  No plastic. Solid aluminum might make it but I will have to get them professionally cleaned every 15 years.

Toboggan?   It could make it.  I still have a Sears steel toboggan I bought when I was 16.  Don’t use it as a sled but instead as a Christmas decoration. 

Ladder.  Definitely yes.  I bought the heavy duty Fiberglas 8’ ladder about 15 years ago.  I won’t see it make 61 years but someone else should.

Furniture.   Absolutely!  Interestingly what I have most of that will make it 61 years is
furniture.  Many years ago I bought a solid maple butcher block table at a garage sale.  The top is two inches thick and the three leaves weigh a ton.  This table will definitely make it several hundred years.  Some other furniture like my steel canopy bed could make it too.  My mom gave me a tea cart and book cabinet which might already be 61 years old!

Let me know if you have something that has or could make it for 61 years; easy if you collect antiques.



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Happy birthday Rob!

Hey Rob! Congrats on making it to 61. You definitely don't look or act your age. I have one item in my home that is older than 61. It's an antique buffet that used to sit in my grandma Celsi's dining room. After accidentally burning a hole in the veneer top 10 years ago, I had it refinished and it's as good as new. It should last at least another 100 if someone takes good care of it. Great post!

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