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Not all flappers are created equal

Rob Smith is a principal at Architects Smith Metzger

Seems my life is all about toilets right now. Most toilets have a flapper that lifts and allows the toilet to flush. In my case, I am plagued with flappers that don’t seal and let water sneak through.

I knew something was going on when my office water consumption doubled. At the same time my water bill at my unlived in home about equals where I live. I called Des Moines Waterworks and was told to check the toilet. Studies show an average house can lose over 10,000 gallons a year from leaky toilets. That’s about 1,200 cubic feet or two months of water for my house.

Waterworks recommended an easy test. Get some food coloring and pour it into your tank.  If the water in the bowl is the same color after about 15 minutes, you have a flapper problem. I did it on the 12 toilets in my life and found three that did not pass the test.   

So it was off to the hardware store. I was amazed at the choices of flappers.  Ones where a rubber ring is glued to the porcelain for a better seal, red cone-shaped ones, and ones with different weights for just the right time delay before it covers the hole. 

I went with the Hornet-made flapper with soft pliable plastic rather than hard plastic, able to adapt to several installation conditions and a plastic chain which does not kink. It even had a cover over the hook so it would not get tangled.   

If you have a similar toilet story let me know at rsmith@smithmetzger.com

-Rob Smith


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