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Moving on up... to the Southside!

Rob Smith is a principal at Architects Smith Metzger

Today is finally moving day for the first time in 22 years. I found several choices to make the big move more sustainable. 

Bio-degradable peanuts instead of Styrofoam

Styrofoam peanuts last longer, are lighter, and do not compress as much as corn and starch peanuts. However, corn peanuts can go in my compost pile! Styrofoam could be used over and over but where am I going to store boxes of Styrofoam waiting for the next move? 

I bought many boxes from U-Haul and what am I going to do with all those boxes? U-Haul has a service called U-Haul Customer Connect where you can post that you want to buy, sell, or give away boxes. It’s a great idea to share used boxes, because I would much rather give them away than put them in the recycle bin. 

Rent plastic moving containers
If you do not want to mess with buying boxes you can rent plastic totes and return the totes. These can obviously be reused many times. They would also keep your stuff from getting crushed. 

Rubber bands
Some movers are using wide rubber bands to close boxes rather than strapping tape. The bands can be reused over and over again where the tape is non-biodegradable and goes in the trash. 

Donate unwanted stuff
You can imagine after 22 years we have stuff. Rather than move stuff, I am giving away clothing and household items no longer used. Why move stuff that won’t get used? Moving can be an ideal time to recycle. 

If you have an upcoming move, give me a shout. We can exchange boxes over a cup of coffee. 



If you Google "Plastic moving boxes" and the name of your city, there should be at least one company in each major metro area that offers this service. We are a family owned company providing these boxes in the Palm Beach County area in Florida, but I have seen others in every big city (except philadelphia).

Happy Unpacking, Rob!

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