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Sustainable landscapes


Rob Smith is a principal at Architects Smith Metzger

Phase IV of remodeling my new house is reworking a forgotten landscape. I started to investigate my options with trees and bushes and came away with one thought: “Who invented all these bushes and grasses? I mean, I grew up with pampas and honeysuckle but Purple Fountain Grass and Japanese Cypress?” I want to plant sustainable plants that don’t require watering and a lot of maintenance.

While the house came with an irrigation system I don’t plan on using it. Maybe it’s those images in my head of an irrigation system going full blast in a rain storm.

Big box stores sell materials which might not be very sustainable in Iowa. The purple fountain grass sold at Lowes as a perennial is listed for zone 9, which can stand temperatures as low as 20-30 degrees.  Not Iowa’s typical winter!  While you bought a perennial, chances are, in Iowa it is an annual.

Bob Slipka of Genus Landscape Architects says “Once established, and that usually takes one year, native plants can survive about anything nature throws at them. Buyers need to beware to check the hardiness zone on any plant material. Just because it says perennial might mean it will grow year after year in Arkansas but not in Iowa.” Bob recommends larger local nurseries for sustainable landscaping. The plants are native, or at least acclimated to Iowa.

Well, I am off to buy plants that can survive on their own in my yard! No sense in filling the landfill with trees that never stood a chance in Iowa.



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