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The sustainable dilemma

Rob Smith is a principal at Architects Smith Metzger

I always wrestle with what I call the “sustainable dilemma.” Do I use a product that is made of recycled materials or can be easily recycled?  Or, on the other hand, do I use a product I think is less sustainable but lasts forever (isn’t that what sustainable is?). I faced the dilemma head on selecting interior doors for the Wellmark YMCA.

Wood doors are made from a renewable resource, although it takes a long time to grow a maple tree big enough to make veneer for doors. Fiberglass doors are made from glass fibers and resin and last forever. The door is inert to water and has a durable finish that may not require painting for years.  

Fiberglass sectionTeri of Edgewater Fiberglass Doors and Frames of Neenah, Wisconsin says, “Fiberglass doors have a lifetime corrosion guarantee and work excellent in wet environments. A growing market is farms…whether dairy or sod. We don’t see them used much in office buildings because the doors cost more than wood, but in tough environments they will last forever.”

So back to the dilemma… 

Fiberglass doors, like a garage or entry door, do the job especially well under wet conditions. So even though they are not made from recycled material and cannot be repurposed, I'm ready to try fiberglass doors as a long lasting product that won’t end up in the landfill. 

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