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Cordless vs. gas mower


Rob Smith is a principal at Architects Smith Metzger

After my big move a month ago it is time for the garage sale to rid ourselves of all the stuff we don’t need. One of the items might be a Black and Decker cordless mower I bought several years ago.

Why did I make the switch? I learned that mowing your yard accounted for as much air pollution as driving your car 20 miles. I also did not have to run to the gas station in the middle of mowing.

If I moved quickly, I could mow my small lot of less than 1/3 acre with one charge. If it was wet or I waited an extra day when it was growing like crazy, I could not make it on one charge and it was back to the garage for a 12 hour charge. I also had to make sure I mowed often enough so the grass did not get too high. Once I let it grow too tall, and even with a full charge, it would not cut the grass.

Now I have a slightly larger yard and cannot mow on a single charge; it seems I’m either mowing or charging.  So, I bought a cordless to be sustainable and it no longer does the job. Now that the end of season sales have come along, I’m off to buy a gas mower for next year. Maybe the best thing to do is pay someone to mow my lawn!

If you have a small yard and want a cordless mower give me a holler.



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