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Forgot to turn off your computer?

An architect can do all one can to design a building to be sustainable. Integrate green products and systems that conserve energy and water. We also use elaborate computer programs to predict the future energy usage of a building.

All our predictions are based on many assumptions of the daily habits of the occupants.  Will they turn off their computer at night? Will they sneak in a heater under their desk and will it run all night? Will they operate the thermostat at 70 degrees or 72 degrees? All these can impact the overall energy use.

Imagine if each department could view a dashboard showing their energy usage? Users could see firsthand the impact of turning off electrical devices each night for a month. Facility managers could see the effect of operating the building within recommended thermostat settings.

Software is coming to the market to do just that! In the future we will have that capability. Computers will be able to shut off your computer if you left it on or turn off your heater. Don’t know how but it’s coming. It’s the missing link in conserving energy.

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