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Net zero buildings

Rob Smith is a principal at Architects Smith Metzger

The 2030 Challenge sets the goal for buildings to be carbon neutral by 2030. That means if it uses electricity or natural gas it must generate on site enough renewable energy such as wind or solar to offset the usage of carbon based energy.

Old buildingTo date, not many buildings have achieved that status. A renovation of an east side building for the home office of Modus hopes to join the small list of buildings that have achieved net zero status.

Justin Doyle, principal of Modus, says, “The trick to net zero buildings is to reduce your consumption of energy in three areas. The less you use the less you need to produce."

The three areas Justin focuses on are:

  • Plug loads. Everything from computers to cell phone chargers will be monitored.
  • Lighting. Provide one-half watt per square foot. That is equal to 50 watts in an office of 100 square feet.
  • HVAC. Operable windows will allow users to open windows when they want ventilation rather than a mechanical system constantly providing fresh air.  The system will not have much ductwork and instead use console units. Geothermal will also reduce energy usage.

The goal is to offset the energy usage with 17,500 square feet of photovoltaic panels on the roof, building canopy, and roofs over 60 parking stalls. If the system produces more electrical than needed, electricity will be put back into the grid. If the system cannot provide enough, electricity will be purchased.

Stay tuned as more and more buildings strive for net zero usage of fossil fuels.

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Perhaps, before lecturing the community on net zero energy, the professionals cited here should focus on fixing the mistakes that have caused their current building to not be able to achieve LEED certification. They would have more credibility on this topic at that point.

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