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Great stories make even better referrals

Carl Maerz is a co-founder of Rocket Referrals, a startup company focused on helping businesses gain referrals from customers.

People love stories. Okay, not all stories, but the fun, exciting, intriguing, inspiring, or otherwise entertaining variety. Because of the delight people find in passing information to others, storytime happens everywhere. Around water coolers, in barber shops, saunas, bar mitzvahs, you name it. As a business, you want to find yourself slipping into as many of these situations as possible. This happens by having an interesting story yourself. One about you or your business that is worth talking about - something memorable that your promoters will not feel awkward plugging into a conversation.

We already know that superb customer service and excellent products are essential to landing positive referrals. Nobody, in their right mind at least, would recommend a bad experience to others. We got that. But more often than not, your customers’ friends and family are not always in need of your products or services. Therefore, it is important to find a way of popping up in as many conversations as possible with a story that is remembered, so that when the time is right, your phone rings.

Find an interesting aspect about your business or yourself that is worth sharing and reserve it for your customers. Tell it as a story - a narrative with an intriguing plot. This will provide your promoters with more beef when they recommend you to others. Rather than just telling their friends “I have a really good agent, he takes care of me” - how boring - they could boast “My agent really takes care of me, you know, he used to be a pitcher for the Iowa Cubs and chose writing premiums over the big leagues”. With stories told by your promoters, you become memorable and are recalled when your services are needed. You will also pave the way to many more conversations because you are no longer colorless to talk about and linked to different areas of discussion.

For those of you who don’t have a nasty curveball, it’s OK. There are many ways you can tell your story that is noteworthy, you just need to find a creative slant. The truth is, people love doing business with actual humans rather than companies anyway. All great businesses have an interesting history of how they began, so start there.

Another approach could be to create unique experiences for your customers that are not advertised. I remember doing business with an auto shop that specialized in rebuilding transmissions. The owner stood behind his work to the extent of actually signing his name on the transmission itself before handing the keys back to the owner. This was never advertised, just disclosed to the client after the work was finished. This type of behavior is subtle, yet interesting enough to pass on to others. These experiences will fuel your promoters with stories to pass on to their friends and family. After all, you are doing them a favor by giving them something fun to talk about as they refer you to others.


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