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Would your movie be all about you?

FBmovieDrew McLellan is the Top Dog at McLellan Marketing Group

In celebration of their 10-year anniversary, Facebook surprised its users this week by allowing each user to create a one minute movie that looked back on their Facebook presence. It grabbed photos and status updates that had received a lot of likes and everyone has been sharing them in the newsfeed.

(To the right, you can see a screenshot of me sharing my movie with my FB friends)

It's been fun to look back at other people's public facing life and what they've shared.

Watching all of the videos got me thinking about how business Facebook pages would fare if we used the same app on them.  

If we did some sort of composite of the entries on your company's Facebook page -- what would we see?  Would we see you talking about your stuff, your sale, your awards and your employees?

I doubt it. You see -- the way the app selected what to show in the movie was based on how many likes and comments each entry received. So it wasn't what I, Drew McLellan, thought was most interesting or important -- it was what my friends took the time to enjoy.

So if your business page is littered with stuff about your company and it's more sales or self oriented... your movie might have been blank. (Wouldn't that have been embarrassing?)  

Seems like this movie gift was a very good reminder to all of us that Facebook (whether it is our personal page or a business page) is all about the audience and what they care about. As you put together your editorial calendar for Facebook (you have one, right?) ask yourself -- would this item show up in my movie because it engaged my page's audience or would they ignore this?

Be more purposeful about what goes on your page... and avoid sharing content that wouldn't make your movie.

 ~ Drew McLellan, McLellan Marketing Group 


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