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Why user-generated content is a good thing

Katie Stocking is the owner of Happy Medium LLC.

Lets start first with the definition of user-generated content.

User-generated content is exactly what it sounds like—content on the web (photo, video, reviews, etc.) created by social media users (a brand or company’s fans or followers).

I personally think it's somewhat surprising people constantly take pictures of themselves with their Big Macs or share their love for their favorite electronic brand, but they do. All. The. Time. So why should you as the brand manager or owner/founder of a company care? 

Because it’s easy

It’s easy for you and it’s easy for your fans (if you let it be). It can be as simple as encouraging fans to use a specific hashtag with photos or commenting on a Facebook post to get testimonials or positive feedback snippets.

Because it’s already out there

Users are already sharing content about your brand, with your products and at your stores, so why not tap into the content they’re already sharing and make it work for you.

Because it’s real

The entire goal of social media is to connect with customers in a personal way and create real content for them. And there’s nothing more real than content created by your own customers. When used correctly…

Because people want to see it

30 percent of millennials’ media time is spent with content created and curated by their peers.

And because some brands are already rocking it.


Wawa - #sizzlitime

Sizzle Bagel FB









Warby Parker - at home try-

Warby Parker FB

JamesDroll FB


























Now is a great time to consider how you can encourage your brand fans to get busy talking about your brand. Embrace it! Then retweet, regram or share it!



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