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Planning a party? Introducing Amy Nebons

- Amy Nebons owns event management company Blink Events LLC. Amy Nebons

Hi, I’m Amy, an event planner in Des Moines and I am here to be your go-to resource for event planning tips, tricks, money-savers, venues, caterers, decorators…and so on.

A little about me:  I am an East Coast girl turned Midwest gal with a cultivated design eye and innate desire to create cool and compelling experiences for others. With a background in theater production and interior design, I possess a molecular make-up that is equal parts sensitive to general logistics and details and equal parts out-of-the box creativity and willingness to dream big. My blog will be structured to reflect that.

Maybe you're a professional event planner yourself, or are just in charge of pulling together and managing events at your company. Either way, this blog should provide you ideas and strategies for success.

You can expect me to rotate between four different categories. The goal is to provide meaningful and relevant content as well as variety to keep things interesting. Key topics will be:

Educate:  This category will either highlight a local event industry professional or business; highlight a new technology or trend; or simply highlight a successful event case study.

Create & Impact:  This category will demonstrate different ways an event can stand out to attendees -- highlighting different engagement tactics and uses of creativity and originality. This category will also demonstrate how event planners can positively impact their attendees to leave lasting impressions. 

What would I do?  This category will demonstrate real-life design problems in need of solutions and I will share what my approach would be to the problem.

Logistics:  This category will share money-saving ideas, tips and tricks and problem solves for unexpected things that might arise during an event. 

Finally, I want to hear from YOU!  What burning questions do you have about planning events? I would like this to be a resource for you. So please chime in with questions, problems, general inquiries or simply to say hi!  I love making new friends and would enjoy the chance to grab some coffee and learn about you!  Please contact me anytime, my email is always open! 

I look forward to sharing the exciting world of event planning with you!

Contact me by phone: 617-840-5073 or email at anebons@blinkevents.net. Find me on LinkedIn , Facebook or at my website www.blinkevents.net.  


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