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Tiny houses

--Rob's guest blogger, Todd Campbell, is a registered architect at CMBA|smith metzger.  He has worked on the downtown YMCA and Josephs West Glen.  He would love to design someone a tiny house.

Recently a friend introduced me to the tiny house movement; people downsizing and living in 400 square feet or less. Little footprints, simple roofs and every area designed to serve multiple purposes.  There are no dedicated rooms here - no walk-in closets. Just hidden little storage shelves - built into the stairs. And low ceilinged lofts just big enough for a bed.  You can’t live here without simplifying your life. 

As I looked into this further, I couldn’t help but reminisce about the good old days.  Fresh out of ISU…degree in hand, I signed my first lease on a garden-level studio apartment.  For those who don’t know, or may have forgotten, “garden-level studio” is code for an apartment without a bedroom half-buried underground.  Barely 500 square feet, it had a living room, bathroom, galley kitchen and a large closet. It was so small. So tiny. Yet surprisingly warm and cozy too!

Fast forward 25 years and I now live in a four-bedroom, 2½-bath house with an office I only visit when my wireless router needs resetting and a finished basement I walk through to change my furnace         filter. Truth be told, I probably still live my life in 500 square feet.  The rest is just space I pass through…slowing accumulating items I feel I MAY need…someday. 

It certainly got me thinking. Could I live my life in 400 square feet? Is it even possible to streamline my life to that level? Probably not, but I’d sure like to try!

How about you? Contact me at tcampbell@smithmetzger.com.


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