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Why your brand should be aspirational

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 1.58.31 PMDrew McLellan is the Top Dog at McLellan Marketing Group

At MMG we live, breathe and teach branding each and every day. We do that because we genuinely believe in the power of an incredible brand. So any chance I get -- I love to talk brand.

So when I got the chance to talk brand with Nick Westergaard on his really smart (you should be listening to all of them) podcast, On Brand, for an entire show -- I was elated.

We talked about how brands need to come from within the organization and if a company isn't brave enough to live their brand -- inside and out -- then they shouldn't even fake the effort.

We also talked about how to discern your true brand and how to incubate it inside your company until it truly weaves itself into the fabric of your organization's DNA so that every employee knows it should be the foundation of every decision, offering and service delivery.

As you might imagine -- we also chatted about brands that do it well and one brand in particular that has won my heart to the extent that I work for free on their behalf every time I'm there.

I'd love for you to take a listen and then fire away with questions here in the comments section.  And if you haven't already subscribed to Nick's podcast -- you can do so here.


~ Drew


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