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Hungry for a little innovation?

- Drew McLellan is the Top Dog at McLellan Marketing Group

Innovation is critical to growing our businesses and our economy.  You can't market something if it doesn't solve a problem or meet a need.  And if what you sell is a commodity and lacks innovation -- all you can do is sell on price.

Innovation is so vital to our future that the White House created/updated the Strategy for American Innovation calling for and working towards making our entire country more innovative.

All of that is dandy -- but how do local business owners and leaders infuse innovation into their organizations?  

As we've seen over the past few weeks with the Iowa Caucuses, living in Central Iowa comes with some unique opportunities. Fortunately -- there's one coming up that I think should be on everyone's radar screen.

ciWeek/Celebrate! Innovation™ Week is Feb. 29 – March 4 and provides students and Central Iowans an opportunity to engage with people (some famous, all inspired) who have dreamed, created and accomplished.  It's absolutely free, thanks to the sponsors and is an amazing collection of speakers, experts and innovators. (Check out the presenters here)


It’s a thought-provoking and interactive week hosted each year at DMACC’s West Des Moines Campus, where students of all ages listen, absorb and engage. It’s a local cross between TED Talks and the famous SXSW event held each year in Austin, Texas.

Previous ciWeek presenters have included:
• Two of the 12 men who walked on the moon
• The man considered the father of the personal computer
• Television personalities who focus on science, invention and ideas
• Explorers who have been to the depths of the ocean and the highest mountain peaks
• Engineers developing the growing commercial space industry
• Inventors of incredible animatronics and robotics
• Academy Award-winning visual effects creators and animators

The week-long event focuses on inspiration, which is the drive behind creativity. We see how inspiration impacted the lives of these speakers and how it compelled them to greatness. Their stories are fascinating and have application to all.

Check out the website and see how you and your organization can take advantage of this Central Iowa gem and infuse a little innovation into your organization.


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