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Passion makes the difference

- Cory W. Sharp is an intern architect at FEH Design in Des Moines and the current president of the Young Professionals Connection 

No one is ever going to have to guess whether I have a passion for architecture. 

Young CoryFrom the second I could draw, I was drawing. I loved spending time with my dad, who is an architect. I may have thought about a couple different career paths, but nothing was going to stop me once I set out to become an architect.


I love everything about the art and science of architecture. I love the first meeting with the client, hearing their dreams and ideas. I love putting those ideas on paper. I love bringing designs to life. And, I love walking around the space when it is finished.

The whole process fascinates me. I have a real passion for architecture.

I honestly believe you get out of something what you put into it. If it’s worth doing, I want to put as much into it as I can to stoke my passion.

You don't have to ask if someone's really passionate about something. It shows.

Passion is heart. Passion is genuine excitement.

Without passion, work is, well, work. It's a daily drudge, a grind that steals your energy instead of energizing you. You're just taking up space and you might as well not be there because you're not only robbing your boss of someone who could do the job better, but you're also robbing yourself.

I'm a walking proof of the old saying that if you love what you're doing you never work a day in your life.

Why would you possibly do something day after day, month after month, year after year that you're not passionate about? Why would you be in a job where you're always watching the clock instead of being lost in something you love?

If you don't love your career -- and you need to think of it as a career instead of just a job -- then don’t waste another minute deciding to do what you're going to do about it. That doesn't mean you quit on the spot. You should create a plan for success.

Just do it sooner than later. Much sooner.

Next month: Finding what makes you happy


Thanks Cory for sharing your passion and life. I enjoyed reading it.

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